LUV COURSES (Light Utility Vehicle) 



As more rural operators move away from quad bikes to Light Utility Vehicles (or side-by-sides)
we are increasingly being asked for training in their safe operation. Agrilearn offers a suite of
training options for the everyday user including assessed and non-assessed options.

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A one-day course aimed at refreshing and updating the skills of those who have already completed the
two-day unit standard based course. Or for those wanting non-assessed training. 

We cover

  • Safe operation

  • Riding on flat terrain

  • Driving with mounted equipment

  • Driving while towing loads

  • Basic maintenance

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Two-day Option

Our two-day course may include the workplace recognised NZQA unit standards 24554, 24557, 24559, 24561, 24563. 

We cover

  • Health and safety responsibilities

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Driving skills

  • Basic maintenance

  • Influences on the stability of the LUV

  • Driving techniques

  • Loads, trailed equipment and driving over hills